Questions To Ask Your FAI Hip Surgeon

These are the questions that I asked my hip surgeon and you are welcome to use them.  They are in no particular order.  I also included his answers (not verbatim) that were specific to me.

1. Do you see any hip dysplasia?  No.

2. What is my CE (Center Edge) Angle? 41 degrees.

3. Do you see any retroversion/anteversion?  No.

4. How long will I be on crutches? A little over 3 weeks.

5. How long will I have to do PT? 2 times a week for 3 months, then once a week (I can’t remember for how long.)

6. When might I be able to start running? Probably around 4 months, but it depends on how I’m doing and consult with PT/doctor before starting.

7. What are the chances my other hip will have this/start hurting?  There’s about a 30% chance that you will have to have the other one fixed.  If it’s not hurting you, we will not mess with it.

8. About how many hip scopes do you do a year? Over 350-400.

9. What is the success rate?  Around 85%.

10. How long will I have to be off work?  Since you are a nurse, and there is a lot of lifting/squatting involved, probably about 3 months.

11. What are the chances that the bone will grow back? There is always a chance, but I’ve rarely seen it.  We give you medication for 30 days to help prevent such things happening.

12. How do you know when you shave enough bone/not enough/too much?  Different factors, but it basically comes with experience.

13. What will I do about sleeping on the hip?  You will wear anti-rotational booties to sleep.

14. Do you do labral debridement or repair?  Almost always repair, there may be instances where we need to debride some frayed edges.

15. Will I need psoas release?  No.

16. Do I have any symptoms of hypermobility?  No.

There were more questions that I asked on top of that, but those are the only ones I had written down.



4 thoughts on “Questions To Ask Your FAI Hip Surgeon

  1. Thanks for blogging your FAI surgery! (Mine is scheduled in about a month.)

    Regarding the questions, what if the answers to #1, #3 had been “yes”? How would that change the surgery or outcome? And the same for #2, what would a different degree number mean in terms of surgery or outcome?

    • Hi Jim! Thanks for visiting my site! If you have dysplasia or retroversion/anteversion then there is an increase of your surgery not working or helping. I believe the CE angle measures the acetabular development and degree of the femoral head, and it can also affect the outcome of your surgery negatively if your sockets are too shallow and/or too deep.

      Who is doing your surgery? Finding the right surgeon who has A LOT of experience with FAI and hip tears is crucial. I see too many people having revisions because a surgeon said they could do it and missed a lot of stuff in their joint, causing them worse pain than pre-op.

      Best of luck to you! Let me know if I can answer any more questions!

      • Dr. Ellis, Ohio State U. is the surgeon (highly recommended in my region).
        My femoral retroversion measures 5.6 degrees.

      • I’m not sure about that angle, but I’ve heard great things about Dr. Ellis. From what I’ve seen on the facebook boards he seems very knowledgeable and his patients have had good outcomes!

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