I had surgery last Thursday with Dr. Nho in Chicago.  I found him through much  research and word of mouth.  Traveling for surgery is a pain in the butt (or hip), but I wanted someone who specializes and has a ton of experience with hips.

Surgery was at 7:15am, my boyfriend Nicholas was with me, I didn’t and couldn’t do this alone.  Had general anesthesia so I thankfully didn’t remember a thing.  Woke up in PACU in a decent amount of pain.  I had a femoral nerve block which made my whole leg numb for 24 hours.  Dr. Nho came in after I was a little more awake, which I don’t recall what all he said honestly.  He showed me my pictures and what all he did.  It was pretty straight forward.  He used two anchors for my labral tear.  Shaved bone off my femur (cam impingement) and shave bone off my acetabulum (pincer impingement) and then did a capsular plication.

I will include some pictures and try to explain them as good as I can.

3D CT of acetabulum, you can see the nodule at the top right that’s not supposed to be there.



This is what the overgrowth looks like inside my joint.acetabuliphoto

                   Some more pictures from inside the joint:bloodphoto cleanlabrphoto suturephoto tearphoto  3D CT femur:


My sutures/holes after we took the bandage off. (front of my hip)  My skin is not normally that wrinkly/gross looking. 🙂suturesphotoNow I have to wear the booties to sleep which prevent external/internal rotation for 4 weeks.  I have an ice compression machine I wear for 2 weeks also.
bootephotoI also had to use a CPM machine for awhile but due to a mix up and a large amount of money, I will be using my upright bicycle at home as a substitute.  I used it while I was in chicago and it was nice.
cpmI will also be on crutches for 4 weeks, but I’m using the Mobilegs crutches and they are a Godsend!!!  They are a billion times better than regular crutches, I highly recommend them!


5 days out as of today.  Minimal pain.  Doing PT exercises twice a day, passive and isometric exercises.  Walking on crutches takes it out of me.  I have not been getting very good sleep due to the booties and being flat on my back all night.  I am pretty tired and any little thing saps my energy.  I know it was a major surgery and I have to take some time and rest.  You know what they say though, nurses make some of the worst patients.

 I believe it.

That’s all for now.  I’m exhausted. The flight from Chicago to OKC wore me out yesterday.  I will update when I can!


4 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. So glad you’re on the mend. I’m praying as you heal, that you feel better than ever before in your whole life! And that you’re back to the active lifestyle you love quickly. Love you girl!

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