Post Op Week 2

I know it’s technically not Week 2 until tomorrow but I thought I’d write this fresh after my PT session.

I had an appointment with my new PT today for the first time.

She was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!

She has experience with hip scopes and she recognized the importance of the protocol.  She sat down and spent a lot of time with me, she knows her stuff!  We did some exercises, doing some alternatives to the exercises I’ve been doing and answering all my questions.

I asked her about what she usually does with running.  She says that I have to graduate from upright bike, to elliptical, and then to a walk to run program around 4-6 months.  This is as long as I don’t have any groin pain.  If I have groin pain, then I have to stop and go back to what doesn’t cause me groin pain. Everyone has reiterated that it’s a slow process and that I should never push through pain.

As of now I am only taking 1/2 Norco (which is 2.5 mg) and that’s at night.  I also take 400 mg Ibuprofen once a day.  I ice pretty frequently, I still have my ice machine although I’m supposed to send it back tomorrow.  I still wear my booties to sleep, and my brace when I’m up and about.  I’m also on crutches and will wean off of them starting at 4 weeks.  I’ve actually gotten quite used to them.  It’s still really hard to depend on people to bring you things, carry things, and drive you places.

I get my stitches taken out on Monday, the portals are covered with steri strips but I haven’t had any drainage or anything alarming go on with them.

I still get sleepy easily, my stamina hasn’t come back yet.  Today wore me out, but it was good to be out of the house.  I’m so grateful for the help of my friends.

The inside of my thigh down to the back of my calf is still numb, it’s a funny feeling.  I’m not supposed to lift my leg, but even if I could, I can’t physically do it.  Some nerves were cut and I think during the moment in **traction may have pinched a nerve so I’m unable to lift my leg.  It’s weird because I concentrate and tell my leg to move up, just to see if it will, but it won’t cooperate.  The PT said it gets better with time, and we just have to keep the muscles strong as I can.

She also said once my incisions are healed and my Dr. gives her an order to do so, I can start aqua therapy at the pool in the center.  That is exciting since I’ve heard aqua therapy and water walking is so so so good for hips!

Today was such an uplifting day, I am excited and feeling positive about the future.  This recovery definitely has it’s ups and downs but I am committed to working hard and doing all I can (without overdoing it) to make it back to 100%!


** Traction is where they place your foot in a boot and apply weight so that your leg is pulled out and the joint is exposed.  This is what it looks like on an X-Ray:

Taken from Hip & Groin Clinic

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