Post Op Week 3

It’s only Week 3 and it feels like week 3948.  If you can’t tell, I’m bored.  I can’t drive, I can watch TV and movies and surf the internet.

I’d update more, but do you guys really want to hear how Brooke broke up with Lucas AGAIN on One Tree Hill?

Pain is still minimal, just a little uncomfortable in my groin at night mostly.
I got my stitches out Monday, I’m sure you also would love to see a picture
(I know you don’t, but I’m posting one anyway.)
scarphotoIt’s all healing quite nicely, and as soon as we are sure that they are closed up completely I can start Aquatic therapy!

I also got the okay to start weaning off my crutches.  Basically I begin by putting more weight on my right leg, if I start feeling any groin or anterior hip pain, I have to back off.  To fully be off crutches it might take around 2-3 weeks, then this woman can driiiiiiive.  Ohhhh yeah.

A month from now, I have another appointment with Dr. Nho for a check up. It’s going to suck flying and what not, but it’s worth it to see one of the best.

That’s all that is new really.  Maybe by next week I will be telling you I’m down to one crutch.  Off I go, another Netflix awaits me…


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