Post Op Week 4

Has it already been a month?  Wowza.  The days kind of blend together though.
I’m gaining more control and strength in my leg.  I’ve been religiously doing my exercises twice a day.  My leg numbness is slowly going away, although my leg has started firing more since I started putting more weight on it and I’ll randomly get these nerve twinges in my ankle.

I went to PT yesterday and graduated to one crutch for around the house, although I still have to use two if I’m in public as a precaution.  It’s nice to be able to carry things now.

I start Aquatic Therapy tomorrow which I am super excited about!

Not much more has happened… Sunday I went to church and there were crazy steep steps, so guess who rode the stair chair lift thingy?  Yep.  To add insult to injury my friend took a picture, while my other friend operated the thing.  🙂  1374130_10101441166971802_1932786832_n

It was a fun little experience, so if you ever want to feel 80 years old, I highly recommend it.  It always makes me think of that scene in Superstar.  (I tried to find a clip on YouTube, but failed.)

Have a great week!


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