Post Op Week 5

Sorry this is late. Circumstances have caused me to not to have internet where I’m currently staying.


I’m not going to lie.  This past week has been bad.  I won’t go into details, but it wasn’t bad due to my hip.  It’s hard being motivated to do my exercises, or anything for that matter.


Moving on to hip stuff.  I had PT on Wednesday.  I should be crutchless by Monday.  I am allowed to go without crutches around the house.  I walked a little on my own t PT.  Walking feels weird.  I almost feel more comfortable with my one crutch.  I can’t keep it forever though, and it’d be interesting to see myself try to run with it.


When I started walking, I guess I was so focused on my legs that I completely forgot to move my arms.  It was very soldier-like. The PT instructed me to focus on keeping my abs tight because since my core is weak, my right hip wants to give a little.  My leg almost feels foreign and longer than my left.  I think everyone has this issue.


She upped a lot of my at home exercises so for reference for myself and others, this is my at home regimen that I do twice a day (not including passive ROM.)


20 minute bicycle at level 2-4

Hip flexor stretch

Ab brace with ball

Oblique brace with ball

Isometric contractions of quads and glutes

Nerve glide with ball

Heel slides

Glute isometric contraction again on stomach

Windshield Wipers on stomach

Triangles straight leg

Triangles bent leg

Rocking back & Forth on heel/toe

Quadruped stance rocking

Single leg 75% weight bearing with glute and core contraction


I also have the okay to use my foam roller and lacrosse ball again which will help with my muscle tightness.  I ordered a stretch strap from Amazon, that will really help me to stretch my quads.  I end everything with 15 minutes of ice.

It almost feels like a full time job doing all of these exercises.  At least it keeps my mind and body busy.


I’m also very thankful to be able to drive, I am not good at being dependent on people and being the patient.


Update: As of Friday (Oct 11th) I was having a weird burning/uncomfortableness in my abdomen.  It was above my groin and a little left to my pelvic bone (right side). I called my PT and she said that I should start using crutches half the day, that it sounded like I was compensating with other muscles.  She told me a stretch to do, ice ice ice, and go to the pool and do some deep water running/chest high walking.  Went to the pool and it helped a lot, but I still have that uncomfortable burning in my abdomen intermittently.  I almost feel like it’s some sort of nerve pain.  Hopefully it gets better as I slowly wean off the crutches.


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