Post Op Week 6

Another late post.  I apologize.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already.  It seems just like yesterday we flew to Chicago and I was nervously awaiting surgery in the pre-op area.


Getting to this point hasn’t been so easy, but it also isn’t as bad as I anticipated.


My main struggle now is walking normally and getting off my crutch.  I believe by next week I should be completely off of them if my psoas will cooperate.  The psoas is a muscle deep inside the abdomen and it aids with stability and hip flexion.  This is what is the cause of my burning.  My PT does a psoas release and it hurts like crazy, but I feel a lot better afterward.  My hip joint is doing great, it’s just some of the muscles around it kind of suck.  psoas


My PT said I was probably overdoing it and I should have one rest day a week.  This will help prevent tendonitis and just give my muscles a break from all the stretching/strengthening and give time to heal.


I have my 6 week appointment (a little over 6 weeks), with Dr. Nho next Tuesday.  Hopefully he will say I am on track and doing well.  I’m still nervous about returning to work in 6 weeks.  It feels like I’m so far behind where I should be, but my PT says that I’m doing well.  I’m a little tighter in some places, more so than she would like, but otherwise I’m doing as expected.



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