Doctor Visit (6 week)

Today I flew to Chicago for my 6 week follow up visit with Dr. Nho.  It was a there and back trip so needless to say I’m exhausted.  On top of everything else, my body decided to acquire a cold or allergy or who knows, so the past 4 or 5 days I’ve been snotting and coughing all over the place.  Very little sleep for me plus feeling like crap equals a few days of not doing my exercises and having to reschedule PT.  I am off my crutches though, that was kind of a struggle, but I can walk normally now without feeling like my leg is a foreign object.

I am feeling a bit better today, which is good considering I can’t really afford to reschedule my flights and my appointment.

My OS (orthopedic surgeon) was very happy with how I am doing.  He watched me walk, said that it looked good.  Did a few tests with my leg, nothing concerning, just the expected tightness.  The way he talked was that I was doing well and maybe a little ahead of the game.  Although he stressed not to overdo it, since it’s still early on in the game.  I could definitely see myself doing that.

He went over my surgery pictures again.  Apparently my labral tear was pretty big and my cam impingement (overgrowth of bone on the ball of femur) was pretty significant.  He showed me how I even had a dent in due to it slamming into my acetabulum, so that’s fun.  I’m really surprised I wasn’t in more pain before surgery.  I mean, yes, some days SUCKED and it was achy, but I’ve talked to people who are in some serious pain due to this condition.

I keep on with my PT twice a week for 6 more weeks, really focusing on strength.  I see him around the first week of December which then he will be able to clear me for work and hopefully running!

This has been a trying couple of months, on many levels beyond the hip surgery as well.  There’s a song that has kind of been my support that helps me through some really crap moments.  It’s really beautiful, I’ve included the video and lyrics.  Maybe it can provide you with some comfort as well.

Out on the farthest edge
There in the silence
You were there

My faith was torn to shreds
Heart in the balance
But you were there

Always faithful
Always good
You still have me
You still have my heart

I thought I had seen the end
Everything broken
But you were there

I’ve wandered heaven’s gates
I’ve made my bed in hell
But you were there still

Always faithful
Always good
You still have me
You still have my heart

You have me
You have me
You have my heart completely


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