7 Weeks Post Op

I’m actually posting on time.  I would like to say I feel good, but I do not.  I have had this stupid cold that will NOT go away.  I start thinking that I’m feeling good, and then I start feeling crappy again.  I have no idea how I am able to produce SO  MUCH MUCUS.  My sleep was crappy beforehand, just due to finding good positions to sleep in for the hip and waking up every time I changed positions.  Now, it’s the cold that’s keeping me awake. I really haven’t had a restful night of sleep in a week and it’s really wearing on me.

Which the fact that I’m not sleeping well is making me wonder if my healing is being delayed. I wonder that because my groin or very lower abdominals by my pubic bone hurts intermittently.  It hurts a little more when I’m flexing my leg and sometimes with extension.  Me being the hypochondriac that I am, I am worried that I have a sports hernia.  I’m going to ask my PT about it tomorrow.  I hope it’s just irritated muscles or something and that it’ll calm down soon.

I’ve been feeling down about things, it just seems like I’m in this inner turmoil that is stressing me out, which is causing my cold to not go away, which is causing my body not to recover very well and making my hip act up.  I just want to be better.  I want to feel better.  I want to go to the gym and not have to worry about what I can and can’t do.  I want to go to the lake and run and run and run.  I want to be settled.

Sorry for the whining.  The thing about this recovery that I’ve read from so many people that it has it’s ups and downs…. it does.  It definitely does.


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