Aquatic Therapy

When people told me about aquatic therapy, I didn’t really understand the point.  I mean, yeah the pool is great and all but standing around and doing little exercises in it didn’t seem very appealing or useful.

Call me wrong, so very very wrong.

I feel amazing after being in the pool.  Usually I’ll do about 20 minutes of deep water jogging and/or bicycling, coupled with some scissor & jumping jack exercises.  I also do some water walking, backward/forward/sideways.  I do aqua therapy in PT once a week and afterward I get 10 minutes in this amazing whirlpool which feels SO good on my poor tight muscles.  Outside of PT I try to go to the pool once or twice extra a week.  It is seriously SO therapeutic. I definitely recommend it to those who are having this surgery or have had it.

Here are some benefits of aquatic therapy:

– Reduces pressure on joints.  Water waist deep takes off 50% of weight. chest deep takes off 70% of weight, and when you are floating you basically weigh nothing!

– Buoyancy. Allows you to do things in the water you wouldn’t be able to do on land.

 Reduced swelling/Compression. I read somewhere that due to the pressure of the water that it’s basically like an ace wrap bandage x 6.  The hydrostatic pressure of the water also helps get the fluid from your joints into your vascular system, which you eventually urinate out.  Neat, huh?

– Increases Circulation. See above.

Many other benefits, but those are the ones that directly help me.

Here is a link that shows some good exercises to do in the pool, in case you were looking for some!
*Disclaimer: This is not my website, this is a physical therapist from the UK who put this on her website.  Great information.*

Aquatic Exercises


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