My Muscles Hate Me

My muscles hate me.


Just an update on my muscles and why they hate me.  Well, I don’t actually know why they hate me, but they definitely do.

Not only am I having that delightful slight burning in my lower right abdomen near my groin/inguinal ligament, I am having a burning pain in the front of the pubic bone.  Also sometimes if I bend over I have a pain above the pubic bone, around the region of the lower abdominals.


I’m unsure if I’ve just overdone it so much that this is the result.  I don’t know if it’s compensation.  I don’t know if it’s referral pain or tendonitis.  I don’t know if it’s hernia(s).


I keep hearing that I’m early on in the game and you can take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  I don’t like that.  Especially when in a month I’m going to be expected to work 12 hours shifts, on my feet the majority of those 12 hours.  I’m extremely nervous about it.  Granted, I will only be working 2 days a week to begin with, (my flex position allows that.)


I’m hoping that this is just a season and this pain will pass along with the others.  I am seriously SO discouraged though.  This journey has been rough.  From being inactive physically for almost 2 years, to the pain (physical and emotional), and just not being myself.


I can’t help but be bitter and feel sorry for myself.  I’ve actually gotten quite good at both of those things.  People keep saying positive things to me, which I think is great and I understand it comes from a good place, but I just can’t see it.  I feel like there isn’t going to be an end to it.  I’ve come to almost expect the worst in all situations.


I’m just so damn sick of feeling like a 90 year old.  Actually, there are probably 90 year olds getting along better than I am.  They are probably the ones I saw pass me during races.


I’ll try to keep the pity party to a minimum, I don’t really like inviting people to it, but sometimes I like a little company.  Someone has to eat the cupcakes, right?

In unrelated news, this article has been floating around and I find it really good.



2 thoughts on “My Muscles Hate Me

  1. Hey, I just wanted to touch base to see how you are doing. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experience the groin pain. I wrote you a couple of months ago regarding my torm hip labrum and that I was planning to try the Cold Laser Therapy (class 4). I have completed 17 of 18 sessions and I have noticed a difference. I’m by no means 100% but so far I am pleased with it. To improve your healing process I’d like to suggest that you try the Cold Laser Theapy (class 4) which is also great for post operations. Maybe look into it?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and I am wishing you a strong recovery!


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