Another Look at Things

Today I went to see  a chiropractor in Tulsa that practices ART & Graston techniques.  We didn’t really do any of that today, but what I learned about my chronically tight adductors, pubic bone pain, etc.. was really good stuff.

He spent about an hour with me, watching me walk, do different functional moving things, and testing different muscles while being completely relaxed.  I told him I do clench my teeth quite a bit, which he asked about.

After all of the tests were said and done, he said, “Good news, I think I know what’s causing your chronically tight adductors and I think we can fix it.”

This is what is happening:

My right adductors and hamstring are tight and sometimes get sharp pains in them.  He did a test and apparently my left quadratus lumborum (QL) is asleep.  What’s crazy is that when he told me to clench my teeth and hold my breath, it activated.  Apparently after a traumatic event, it’s my body’s way of feeling safe and my QL shut down at some point in time but didn’t really wake back up.  My QL and adductors are connected in a fascia line (I know this all sounds confusing and kind of nuts, but I swear it is amazing.  I’m probably not doing it justice.) Also, my right psoas and rectus femoris aren’t working properly so the adductors are making up for them as well.

The plan is to see him 1-2 times a week (a LONG drive) for about 4 weeks.  He said working on the adductors will produce nothing if I don’t fix the other things going on in my body, that they will just tighten right back up.  It’s so amazing how the body works.  I will be focusing on breathing right, releasing my adductors and hamstring and doing corrective exercises.

I am feeling hopeful after this.  All this time I thought my gluteus maximus and medius just weren’t firing properly, but he tested them and said they worked perfectly.

Here’s to the beginning of the end of adductor and pubic bone pain.


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