3 Months Post Op

3 months?  Is that even possible?  I can’t believe that it’s been that long.

Not a lot has changed really, my updates will become less frequent because who wants to see every single week of me doing the same thing.

I’m still doing my PT exercises and my breathing exercises as well.  It’s definitely becoming easier to breathe through my stomach/diaphragm than it is upper chest.  I’m hoping this really helps with my adductor and hamstring tightness.

I see Dr. Nho next Tuesday and then next Sunday I start back to work!  Eek!  I’m nervous and ready at the same time.  I figured starting on a Sunday would help me ease into the job, but knowing my luck it’ll be a crazy hazy Sunday.

My sports doctor recommended I try the “Deflame” diet or technically the Paleo diet.  I have a lot of inflammation in my body and maybe this would help with my chronically tight muscles?  I’ve been researching a bit about it. You basically remove grains, dairy, sugar, and all processed food from your diet.  I tried to do the gluten free thing for 2 weeks, and I had horrible horrible headaches.  I’m assuming that’s withdrawals or die off, but I couldn’t take it anymore and started eating wheat again.

I’m not starting this process until I move out though.  It would be next to impossible to stay true to that diet when someone else cooks delicious food all the time.

I asked my PT about running.  Obviously I’m not ready for it yet, but I was just wondering what she thought in her opinion.  She said just to be safe to wait around the 5-6 months mark and also that I can do the elliptical for 40-45 minutes at a time without pain.  I can deal with that, because ideally I would like to lose some of the weight I’ve packed on during this 2 year injury.

Ta-Ta for now!

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