I’m a Graduate! (and other news)

It’s been busy in my world.


1. I have graduated from physical therapy.  I’m unsure about my gait and I still can’t quite figure my body out.  My pelvis and SI joint slips in and out too easily, I feel like.  Apparently this happens to women a lot.  Dang my woman body.  I had gone as far as I could with my PT and I will continue to try and figure out the rest of my issues on my own.  I still have a lot of strengthening and work to do on my glutes and muscles surrounding the hip.  I’m consistent with my strength training and I know it’s working, but I spent many years with different compensations for my labral tear.   Research research research.   The story of my life.


2. I have been pre-approved for a house, so I am now looking!  It’s so exciting!  It’s a big step and commitment, but I know in my heart that it’s the right decision for me.  I am so ready to be settled and back in OKC where my job and friends are.  Not that I won’t miss my family & friends down here, but Dexter and I are ready to have our own space.


3. Paleo/Primal.  You’ll be hearing me talk more about this in coming blogs.  I notice that after I eat certain foods, my body responds to it in a negative way.  The other day I ate a chicken sandwich at work, and it was on wheat bread.  About 30 minutes after I was done, I got heart palpitations & I felt instantly drained.  Sometimes that happens after I eat wheat, but only certain brands.  This cannot be a good thing.  Also, after eating other types of food including wheat, I notice my muscles ache more and my joints are in more pain.  I do not know if this is all psychosomatic, but I have been reading about gluten intolerances and inflammatory foods, and I believe I may have either a sensitivity or something to the effect.  I hate to jump on the gluten free train, but I don’t want to substitute with other crap carbs.  I would prefer go whole/real foods in substitution.  Like I said, I will post about it later as it is next to impossible for me to start this lifestyle while living 3 days here and 2 days there and then 2 days over there.  No way, not going to happen until I am settled down.


I look forward to 2014.  2013 kind of sucked, to be honest.

I’m happy once again and apparently it shows on my face.

I’m looking forward and I pray that this year I can begin running again, all the while listening to my body.


Happy New Year!


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