New Blog


I guess I forgot to write a new blog post for the new blog site.  Here it is, a week later.

What’s new?

Well, I’ve been doing my MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) and it seems to be helping my right side.  I’ve only gone twice, and apparently my hip was locked up.  I had a lot of weak muscles surrounding it.  However, now that my right side is getting better, my left side is hurting.  I pray that this is just compensation because my left QL, TFL, and IT Band, plus just the side of my hip hurts almost constantly.

Even if, God forbid, that I have a tear on my left side, I am not going to even entertain the idea of surgery until next year.  That is the last thing I want to deal with.

I really do think it’s compensation though. Hopefully.

This Wednesday, I am going to see a bodywork woman who has been doing this kind of stuff for over 15 years and has trained next to an awesome bodywork guy.  I’m hoping she can even me out too.

I’ve also been thinking about doing Feldenkrais.  I don’t really want to get into what it is, the link will kind of tell a little about it.  I’ll dive more into it if I decide to try it.

One of my friends said to me the other day, “Can you imagine what would happen if you weren’t so proactive about getting better and getting back to running?”

I told her that I am not going to accept the state that I’m in right now and I refuse to just leave it this way.  I want to get back to running.  I can’t get back to running when my pelvis is this out of whack, and my MAT guy completely agrees.  He actually took away squats, lunges, and my aqua jogging for now.  I can only do basic stuff until the right muscles are working.

On a lighter note, a few friends and I went to Wine and Palette and painted a zebra.
Here’s my masterpiece, sorry it’s not for sale..



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