Paleo. First Week.

I won’t be doing a weekly thing for my paleo lifestyle, but I thought since it was the first week that I should write about it.

After I got over the amount of preparation that had to be done and learned about the art and value of leftovers, it got a bit easier.

As far as detox symptoms have gone, there were a few days where I felt like I was in a fog and moving in slow motion.  I couldn’t really think clear.  That was kind of an issue because I was working those days.  Luckily I didn’t have any really sick patients that I had to think fast with.  WARNING TMI:  I have been having more diarrhea, which I’m not sure if it’s just because of detox, my diet changing, or increased consumption of fat.  Maybe a combo of all three.

I have started feeling more energetic.  I know sleep is very important so I’m trying to get adequate amounts of sleep, especially when I’m working.

No relief of the joint pain yet, which I don’t expect to go away until probably a month into it.

I even stayed away from cornbread, sour cream, and cheese last night.  It honestly wasn’t that difficult.  The other day at work, a patient’s family brought cupcakes, and I didn’t even want one.  My sugar cravings have definitely diminished.  I think that might be to my supplementation of Magnesium though.  I still have an occasional dark chocolate.  I won’t give that up.  I just won’t.



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