Spiders, Voodoo, and Independence.

Wow.  I’m a little behind on my blog.

I bought a house, and I love it.  However, I haven’t even stayed one night in it yet, but I’ll get to that eventually.

Running or my run/walking was going really well.  I was able to do strength stuff, I was getting my running legs back and all was well.  Both of my hips have been rocking it and all was right with the world.  Until…

I believe things happen in threes, for some reason I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I had closed on my house and it went smoothly.  The sellers I had were great and they even left me cookies and a card.  The next day we moved everything in, however so many things in my storage were covered in spiders.  These tiny spiders inhabited every crevice available in my furniture, boxes, everything.

I was so overwhelmed with the huge feat of killing the spiders.  Later that night I somehow locked myself out of my new home and I had to call a locksmith at 9:30pm from my neighbor’s house.  I was so stressed about it, but what could I do?


Two days later, I was finishing moving the rest of my things out of my friend Jessica’s house.  I step out into the garage, but I must’ve stepped wrong because I fall and feel/hear a loud snap.  Horrific pain shoots around my ankle/leg and I just started crying.  Luckily Jessica was upstairs, but as I was yelling her name in the garage she couldn’t hear me.  I couldn’t walk, so I had to crawl into the kitchen and yell for her.  She finally heard me and ran downstairs.  I crawled to the couch and we elevated and iced it immediately.  Every time I would move it I would feel crunching.  I knew it was bad, but debated on whether to go to Urgent Care just yet.  I tried putting weight on it, but it hurt so we went to Urgent Care.

They took some X-Rays and originally he said it looked like a possible fracture to the talar dome bone.  He put me in a walking boot and told me to follow up with an orthopedic specialist.  They called me back later to tell me the radiologist read it and said I definitely fractured my distal fibula.  I stayed at Jessica’s because I couldn’t drive and get around very well.  Life looked very bleak.  I had just gotten my life back and able to work out after my hip surgery and this happened.  I wallowed in the depths of sadness until my ortho appointment yesterday.

I was expecting the worst.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to work, drive, and possibly have surgery.  The ortho said that I tore my ligament and fractured my distal fibula.  I have to start PT twice a week and I wear the walking boot at least for 6 weeks.  She said I could still work, starting this Friday and I could drive too.  She said it’d be a while before I could run again, but hopefully I could get back to working out somewhat soon.

I’m glad I can work and I don’t have to use crutches, but this thing will be my best friend for awhile….bootphoto


Here’s a view of my cankle. It’s actually not as swollen and bruised as you would think.anklefibula

Maybe that means it will heal quickly and I can bounce right back into working out really soon.  Whoever is doing a Voodoo doll against me, I cry Uncle!  I’m done!  Please?


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