My name is Brandi and I live in the great state of Oklahoma.  I’m a runner, not a natural one, and definitely not a fast one, but a runner nonetheless.
I’m 28 years old and a Registered Nurse that works day shift in a cardiovascular critical care unit.  I love food. I really love cheese, and I especially love string cheese.  There is something so therapeutic and delicious about a stick of string cheese.
Photo: Lo and I on my 26th birthday. Gotta love the overly pronounced “skinny arm pose.”

I have no children, but I do have a dog that is like my child.  I will talk about him a lot.
His name is Dexter and he is a two year old dachshund that I adopted from a wonderful place called The Lowrider Dachshund Rescue.

He’s a little spoiled.

He may think that he is a person.

 I started running almost two years ago to complete a 5k with a coworker.  I quickly found out that it was a huge stress reliever and helped with the grief of losing my Dad.  Essentially, running has saved me from myself.  I have gone from my first 5k to completing a half marathon, and hopefully in the near future training for my first full marathon.  Due to a hip injury this year, which I will mention throughout my blog, my running has slowed down.

I am a runner that has Crohn’s Disease.  Having Crohn’s Disease doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy activities like running or sports, there are options and medications that have made it to where I am able to do so.  I have been diagnosed since I was 18 years old, and for the most part I have it under control.  I have been in remission for 4 years, since my last five day stay in the hospital with pancreatitis, gall bladder surgery, Crohn’s flare up and a nice round of high dose steroids.

Most everyone has an idea that people with Crohn’s are frail, skinny, and emaciated looking; I am the opposite of this.  I’m very open about bodily functions, so if you are squeamish then this blog probably isn’t for you.  I have not had very many problems with running and my Crohn’s Disease, which is convenient since running is known to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.


Basketball is my second favorite sport to watch and play.  I am a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan and I take the game personally, even though I know I am not a part of the team.
As you can tell, I am super mature by putting a handle bar mustache on Kate Upton while she is posing with my two favorite Thunder players Kevin Durant & *James Harden.

That’s all I’m giving you for now.  You will figure out the rest soon enough.

*Edited to add that although James Harden is no longer with the Thunder, I am keeping this picture because I enjoy seeing Kate Upton with a handlebar mustache.  You know you do too.


10 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I look forward to keeping tabs on this. It sounds like quite the interesting mix of topics. I should add that I’m familiar with none of them. (Well, except the bodily functions.)

  2. Love your dog! I’m a bit obsessive about dogs 😉 Your blog sounds interesting..my BF has Crohn’s disease so I’m used to all that type of stuff (talking openly about body functions ;)) I’ll have to keep reading 🙂

    • I’m definitely obsessive about mine, he’s like my child so I kind of treat him like one. I’m glad you like my blog! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. My friend had Crohn’s, I can’t imagine what you go through. It is awesome that you have found running. I have celiacs so quite different but definitely something I have had to work in overcoming.

  4. Brandy, please contact me ASAP. I have had two surgeries with Martin since 2010 and have been in his care until he left OK in Oct 2012. BTW – I know Katie Moore who is with you in your top pic. I am from Chandler as well. When you email me I will give you my cell # to call.

  5. Hi Brandi,
    I was on Twitter today and entered #hiplaberaltear and started reading your tweets. I’m a Personal Trainer/Gym Manager and front man for a local cover band in Raleigh, NC. I started noticing some pain in my left hip in early July and just had an MR arthrogram Sept 23. Sure enough it showed I have a hip laberla tear about 3 cm long which is roughly 1 1/2 inches long. Not good for anyone especially for someone who is as active as I am.

    I found it inspiring and intriqued by the experience you are going through. I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. I am really not wanting the hip surgery. I’m trying all I can in hopes to avoid such surgery. It’s the down time I am concerned with. I completed my 2nd of 18 sessions of cold laser therapy and I am hoping this will prevent me from having to get surgery. Any advice from you would be much appreciated!



    • Hi Neil,
      Thanks for visiting my site! First off, I’m sorry to hear that you have a labral tear, it’s not any fun I know. I also tried the alternative route, I focused on strengthening, PT for 6 weeks, ART, chiropractic care, rest, etc… and nothing worked for me. Rest helped, but I knew I did not want to lead a sedentary life so that was out of the question for me since I love running and working out. I’ve been out of the game for almost 2 years and I’m so ready to get back to my normal life without pain. I can say this, that from what I’ve seen talking to other people, conservative measures don’t work most of the time. The reason being is that the labral tear cannot heal itself since it doesn’t have a blood supply. I have not heard of cold laser therapy, and I’m not saying that it won’t help you either, but in order to relieve some pain you may have to cut back on your activity if you want to avoid surgery. Surgery is something you don’t want to just jump into, however since you are from NC, you have a GREAT surgeon in your state. Dr. Allston Stubbs out of Winstom-Salem is a great surgeon and he does not pressure people into surgery. You may want to consider just going to him for a consult and seeing what he has to say.
      If you want to get other opinions from surgeons that know whether it would be worth surgery,some doctors do FREE X-ray/diagnostic reviews. Just visit their websites and it’ll tell you what you need. (Dr. Shane Nho (my surgeon) in Chicago, Dr. Philippon (VAil, CO), Dr. Stubbs (Winston-Salem NC), and I believe Dr. Byrd from Nashville does them too. It’s free so it’s nice to take advantage of it. They may be able to see more in your joint (if there is an issue), such as arthritis, what kind of impingement, etc..
      I wish you the best and let me know if you have any other questions. I also recommend, if you’re on Facebook it’s a great resource, it’s a support group for Hip Labral Tears and Femoroacetabular Impingement, It’s called, “Hip Impingement (FAI) Support North America)” Just type it in the search option to find the group.
      Good luck!!

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