Spiders, Voodoo, and Independence.

Wow.  I’m a little behind on my blog.

I bought a house, and I love it.  However, I haven’t even stayed one night in it yet, but I’ll get to that eventually.

Running or my run/walking was going really well.  I was able to do strength stuff, I was getting my running legs back and all was well.  Both of my hips have been rocking it and all was right with the world.  Until…

I believe things happen in threes, for some reason I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I had closed on my house and it went smoothly.  The sellers I had were great and they even left me cookies and a card.  The next day we moved everything in, however so many things in my storage were covered in spiders.  These tiny spiders inhabited every crevice available in my furniture, boxes, everything.

I was so overwhelmed with the huge feat of killing the spiders.  Later that night I somehow locked myself out of my new home and I had to call a locksmith at 9:30pm from my neighbor’s house.  I was so stressed about it, but what could I do?


Two days later, I was finishing moving the rest of my things out of my friend Jessica’s house.  I step out into the garage, but I must’ve stepped wrong because I fall and feel/hear a loud snap.  Horrific pain shoots around my ankle/leg and I just started crying.  Luckily Jessica was upstairs, but as I was yelling her name in the garage she couldn’t hear me.  I couldn’t walk, so I had to crawl into the kitchen and yell for her.  She finally heard me and ran downstairs.  I crawled to the couch and we elevated and iced it immediately.  Every time I would move it I would feel crunching.  I knew it was bad, but debated on whether to go to Urgent Care just yet.  I tried putting weight on it, but it hurt so we went to Urgent Care.

They took some X-Rays and originally he said it looked like a possible fracture to the talar dome bone.  He put me in a walking boot and told me to follow up with an orthopedic specialist.  They called me back later to tell me the radiologist read it and said I definitely fractured my distal fibula.  I stayed at Jessica’s because I couldn’t drive and get around very well.  Life looked very bleak.  I had just gotten my life back and able to work out after my hip surgery and this happened.  I wallowed in the depths of sadness until my ortho appointment yesterday.

I was expecting the worst.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to work, drive, and possibly have surgery.  The ortho said that I tore my ligament and fractured my distal fibula.  I have to start PT twice a week and I wear the walking boot at least for 6 weeks.  She said I could still work, starting this Friday and I could drive too.  She said it’d be a while before I could run again, but hopefully I could get back to working out somewhat soon.

I’m glad I can work and I don’t have to use crutches, but this thing will be my best friend for awhile….bootphoto


Here’s a view of my cankle. It’s actually not as swollen and bruised as you would think.anklefibula

Maybe that means it will heal quickly and I can bounce right back into working out really soon.  Whoever is doing a Voodoo doll against me, I cry Uncle!  I’m done!  Please?


Paleo. First Week.

I won’t be doing a weekly thing for my paleo lifestyle, but I thought since it was the first week that I should write about it.

After I got over the amount of preparation that had to be done and learned about the art and value of leftovers, it got a bit easier.

As far as detox symptoms have gone, there were a few days where I felt like I was in a fog and moving in slow motion.  I couldn’t really think clear.  That was kind of an issue because I was working those days.  Luckily I didn’t have any really sick patients that I had to think fast with.  WARNING TMI:  I have been having more diarrhea, which I’m not sure if it’s just because of detox, my diet changing, or increased consumption of fat.  Maybe a combo of all three.

I have started feeling more energetic.  I know sleep is very important so I’m trying to get adequate amounts of sleep, especially when I’m working.

No relief of the joint pain yet, which I don’t expect to go away until probably a month into it.

I even stayed away from cornbread, sour cream, and cheese last night.  It honestly wasn’t that difficult.  The other day at work, a patient’s family brought cupcakes, and I didn’t even want one.  My sugar cravings have definitely diminished.  I think that might be to my supplementation of Magnesium though.  I still have an occasional dark chocolate.  I won’t give that up.  I just won’t.


New Blog


I guess I forgot to write a new blog post for the new blog site.  Here it is, a week later.

What’s new?

Well, I’ve been doing my MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) and it seems to be helping my right side.  I’ve only gone twice, and apparently my hip was locked up.  I had a lot of weak muscles surrounding it.  However, now that my right side is getting better, my left side is hurting.  I pray that this is just compensation because my left QL, TFL, and IT Band, plus just the side of my hip hurts almost constantly.

Even if, God forbid, that I have a tear on my left side, I am not going to even entertain the idea of surgery until next year.  That is the last thing I want to deal with.

I really do think it’s compensation though. Hopefully.

This Wednesday, I am going to see a bodywork woman who has been doing this kind of stuff for over 15 years and has trained next to an awesome bodywork guy.  I’m hoping she can even me out too.

I’ve also been thinking about doing Feldenkrais.  I don’t really want to get into what it is, the link will kind of tell a little about it.  I’ll dive more into it if I decide to try it.

One of my friends said to me the other day, “Can you imagine what would happen if you weren’t so proactive about getting better and getting back to running?”

I told her that I am not going to accept the state that I’m in right now and I refuse to just leave it this way.  I want to get back to running.  I can’t get back to running when my pelvis is this out of whack, and my MAT guy completely agrees.  He actually took away squats, lunges, and my aqua jogging for now.  I can only do basic stuff until the right muscles are working.

On a lighter note, a few friends and I went to Wine and Palette and painted a zebra.
Here’s my masterpiece, sorry it’s not for sale..


Aquatic Therapy

When people told me about aquatic therapy, I didn’t really understand the point.  I mean, yeah the pool is great and all but standing around and doing little exercises in it didn’t seem very appealing or useful.

Call me wrong, so very very wrong.

I feel amazing after being in the pool.  Usually I’ll do about 20 minutes of deep water jogging and/or bicycling, coupled with some scissor & jumping jack exercises.  I also do some water walking, backward/forward/sideways.  I do aqua therapy in PT once a week and afterward I get 10 minutes in this amazing whirlpool which feels SO good on my poor tight muscles.  Outside of PT I try to go to the pool once or twice extra a week.  It is seriously SO therapeutic. I definitely recommend it to those who are having this surgery or have had it.

Here are some benefits of aquatic therapy:

– Reduces pressure on joints.  Water waist deep takes off 50% of weight. chest deep takes off 70% of weight, and when you are floating you basically weigh nothing!

– Buoyancy. Allows you to do things in the water you wouldn’t be able to do on land.

 Reduced swelling/Compression. I read somewhere that due to the pressure of the water that it’s basically like an ace wrap bandage x 6.  The hydrostatic pressure of the water also helps get the fluid from your joints into your vascular system, which you eventually urinate out.  Neat, huh?

– Increases Circulation. See above.

Many other benefits, but those are the ones that directly help me.

Here is a link that shows some good exercises to do in the pool, in case you were looking for some!
*Disclaimer: This is not my website, this is a physical therapist from the UK who put this on her website.  Great information.*

Aquatic Exercises

Post Op Week 6

Another late post.  I apologize.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already.  It seems just like yesterday we flew to Chicago and I was nervously awaiting surgery in the pre-op area.


Getting to this point hasn’t been so easy, but it also isn’t as bad as I anticipated.


My main struggle now is walking normally and getting off my crutch.  I believe by next week I should be completely off of them if my psoas will cooperate.  The psoas is a muscle deep inside the abdomen and it aids with stability and hip flexion.  This is what is the cause of my burning.  My PT does a psoas release and it hurts like crazy, but I feel a lot better afterward.  My hip joint is doing great, it’s just some of the muscles around it kind of suck.  psoas


My PT said I was probably overdoing it and I should have one rest day a week.  This will help prevent tendonitis and just give my muscles a break from all the stretching/strengthening and give time to heal.


I have my 6 week appointment (a little over 6 weeks), with Dr. Nho next Tuesday.  Hopefully he will say I am on track and doing well.  I’m still nervous about returning to work in 6 weeks.  It feels like I’m so far behind where I should be, but my PT says that I’m doing well.  I’m a little tighter in some places, more so than she would like, but otherwise I’m doing as expected.



Post Op Week 5

Sorry this is late. Circumstances have caused me to not to have internet where I’m currently staying.


I’m not going to lie.  This past week has been bad.  I won’t go into details, but it wasn’t bad due to my hip.  It’s hard being motivated to do my exercises, or anything for that matter.


Moving on to hip stuff.  I had PT on Wednesday.  I should be crutchless by Monday.  I am allowed to go without crutches around the house.  I walked a little on my own t PT.  Walking feels weird.  I almost feel more comfortable with my one crutch.  I can’t keep it forever though, and it’d be interesting to see myself try to run with it.


When I started walking, I guess I was so focused on my legs that I completely forgot to move my arms.  It was very soldier-like. The PT instructed me to focus on keeping my abs tight because since my core is weak, my right hip wants to give a little.  My leg almost feels foreign and longer than my left.  I think everyone has this issue.


She upped a lot of my at home exercises so for reference for myself and others, this is my at home regimen that I do twice a day (not including passive ROM.)


20 minute bicycle at level 2-4

Hip flexor stretch

Ab brace with ball

Oblique brace with ball

Isometric contractions of quads and glutes

Nerve glide with ball

Heel slides

Glute isometric contraction again on stomach

Windshield Wipers on stomach

Triangles straight leg

Triangles bent leg

Rocking back & Forth on heel/toe

Quadruped stance rocking

Single leg 75% weight bearing with glute and core contraction


I also have the okay to use my foam roller and lacrosse ball again which will help with my muscle tightness.  I ordered a stretch strap from Amazon, that will really help me to stretch my quads.  I end everything with 15 minutes of ice.

It almost feels like a full time job doing all of these exercises.  At least it keeps my mind and body busy.


I’m also very thankful to be able to drive, I am not good at being dependent on people and being the patient.


Update: As of Friday (Oct 11th) I was having a weird burning/uncomfortableness in my abdomen.  It was above my groin and a little left to my pelvic bone (right side). I called my PT and she said that I should start using crutches half the day, that it sounded like I was compensating with other muscles.  She told me a stretch to do, ice ice ice, and go to the pool and do some deep water running/chest high walking.  Went to the pool and it helped a lot, but I still have that uncomfortable burning in my abdomen intermittently.  I almost feel like it’s some sort of nerve pain.  Hopefully it gets better as I slowly wean off the crutches.