Momma Bird Feeds the Baby Bird

I’m sure most people have seen the video of Alicia Silverstone (The actress that played Cher on Clueless), feed her child food directly from her mouth.

It’s called pre-mastication and she does it to transition her baby from breast feeding to food.  I understand it’s been going on for years and so on and so forth, but it nauseates me.  I literally want to projectile vomit every time I see this video.

Hygienic or not, I couldn’t care less… it just grosses me the eff out.
Put your chewed up food on a spoon and feed it to the poor kid, there’s no need for a weird looking make out session thing to go on.

Her child’s name is Bear, which sets him up for a world of possibilities.

He could be cute and cuddly…

He could be mean and angry…
Or he could be this…

(Edited to add that when you type in “Gay Bears” in google, you will see things you cannot un-see.)