Paleo/Primal Lifestyle

I’ve been researching the past few months about the Paleo lifestyle.  Mainly for the health benefits, one being decreased inflammation in the body.  I have not been able to start it yet, as you have to cook almost everything from home (at least to start out.)  As you know, I do not have a home yet, I have been jumping around from family to friend’s houses while looking for a house to buy.  This snowy weather has not helped the buying process since most people aren’t so keen on putting their house up for sale when it’s 19 degrees out and 4 inches of snow.

Back to Paleo, though…

I have my own digestive problems, along with joint issues.  My Crohn’s disease is pretty much under control with the standard american diet (SAD), although I shop mostly at Sprouts and Whole Foods when I can.  That doesn’t mean that the SAD is the best choice.

There are many books that I’ve read recently that I would recommend you to read if you’re interested in trying the Paleo lifestyle.
Here are the links to them:
Wheat Belly
Practical Paleo <— My favorite
Against All Grain
Well Fed
It Starts With Food

Obviously switching to this way of eating will not be easy.  I am going to give myself a couple of months to see how it effects me.  I’m sure I have food intolerances that I’m not aware that are causing me these muscle aches.  I recently found out that I’m allergic/intolerant to bananas.  I have been for awhile, but it never connected until the other day that the banana was what was causing my burning stomach issues.
I was under the impression that bananas were healing for the stomach, so that’s what I ate when I started getting the acid reflux last year.  Little did I know that I was just making things worse.

Apparently bananas give me horrible stomach cramps, burning, and diarrhea.  Go figure.  No telling what else I’m eating that I’m intolerant to and it’s coming out in the form of muscle aches and pains.

If I could just get rid of the pains, or at least minimize them significantly, I would probably be on the road to running again.  It’s my goal this year.  To run.  That’s all.  It’s my light at the end of the tunnel and I WON’T GIVE UP.

I’m still doing my Muscle Activation Technique and I will be doing some private sessions for the Feldenkrais Method.  Once I start them, I will give a little bit more details about it.

I refuse to accept defeat with this muscle/hip stuff.  It’s burdened me for too long and I am ready to rid myself of it.

For now on this wintery/snowy day; I will cuddle with Dexter, sip my coffee and watch old I Love Lucy reruns.


New Blog


I guess I forgot to write a new blog post for the new blog site.  Here it is, a week later.

What’s new?

Well, I’ve been doing my MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) and it seems to be helping my right side.  I’ve only gone twice, and apparently my hip was locked up.  I had a lot of weak muscles surrounding it.  However, now that my right side is getting better, my left side is hurting.  I pray that this is just compensation because my left QL, TFL, and IT Band, plus just the side of my hip hurts almost constantly.

Even if, God forbid, that I have a tear on my left side, I am not going to even entertain the idea of surgery until next year.  That is the last thing I want to deal with.

I really do think it’s compensation though. Hopefully.

This Wednesday, I am going to see a bodywork woman who has been doing this kind of stuff for over 15 years and has trained next to an awesome bodywork guy.  I’m hoping she can even me out too.

I’ve also been thinking about doing Feldenkrais.  I don’t really want to get into what it is, the link will kind of tell a little about it.  I’ll dive more into it if I decide to try it.

One of my friends said to me the other day, “Can you imagine what would happen if you weren’t so proactive about getting better and getting back to running?”

I told her that I am not going to accept the state that I’m in right now and I refuse to just leave it this way.  I want to get back to running.  I can’t get back to running when my pelvis is this out of whack, and my MAT guy completely agrees.  He actually took away squats, lunges, and my aqua jogging for now.  I can only do basic stuff until the right muscles are working.

On a lighter note, a few friends and I went to Wine and Palette and painted a zebra.
Here’s my masterpiece, sorry it’s not for sale..


What’s Next?

I hate to say that I was a little naive about this surgery, even though I researched close to 2 years about it.  I mistakingly thought that most of my issues would be solved by the surgery and then I could start back to running at around 3 months.

It’s almost 5 months post op and I can’t even begin to think about running.  I’ve been struggling to find answers about my muscle imbalances and ways to fix them.  They are causing me a whole different kind of pain & discomfort, which I’m afraid is from the years of compensation for my tear.

My joint pain is gone, that much I am relieved about.  I am able to aqua jog, which is not the same as running and I look like an idiot doing it, but it has benefits.

My issues currently are my tight (right op side) adductors.  My (left) QL, SI joint, TFL, and IT band are almost always tight and hurting.  I feel like my SI joint slips in and out way too easily.  I strengthen, I do core work, I foam roll and roll on a lacrosse ball, but something isn’t activating.

I’m going to be trying two new things in the next couple of weeks.

The first thing is MAT or “Muscle Activation Technique”.  You can read about it here, if you are interested.  I’m afraid some of my muscles have shut down, making the stronger ones stronger and the weaker ones, weak and tight.  I actually don’t have to travel far to get this.

The second this is Bodywork.  I contacted Erik Dalton who is also in OKC, but is booked way past April.  He referred me to someone else that is good and hopefully I can see her soon.  To learn more about bodywork, you can click here.

I’ll update and tell you whether either of these things are working for me. I feel as if I can just get my pelvis stabilized just a little bit more, then I can really focus on running and getting my cardio fitness back.

Frustrating, but things could be worse.

Here’s something that I cannot get enough of… it makes me smile every time.


I’m a Graduate! (and other news)

It’s been busy in my world.


1. I have graduated from physical therapy.  I’m unsure about my gait and I still can’t quite figure my body out.  My pelvis and SI joint slips in and out too easily, I feel like.  Apparently this happens to women a lot.  Dang my woman body.  I had gone as far as I could with my PT and I will continue to try and figure out the rest of my issues on my own.  I still have a lot of strengthening and work to do on my glutes and muscles surrounding the hip.  I’m consistent with my strength training and I know it’s working, but I spent many years with different compensations for my labral tear.   Research research research.   The story of my life.


2. I have been pre-approved for a house, so I am now looking!  It’s so exciting!  It’s a big step and commitment, but I know in my heart that it’s the right decision for me.  I am so ready to be settled and back in OKC where my job and friends are.  Not that I won’t miss my family & friends down here, but Dexter and I are ready to have our own space.


3. Paleo/Primal.  You’ll be hearing me talk more about this in coming blogs.  I notice that after I eat certain foods, my body responds to it in a negative way.  The other day I ate a chicken sandwich at work, and it was on wheat bread.  About 30 minutes after I was done, I got heart palpitations & I felt instantly drained.  Sometimes that happens after I eat wheat, but only certain brands.  This cannot be a good thing.  Also, after eating other types of food including wheat, I notice my muscles ache more and my joints are in more pain.  I do not know if this is all psychosomatic, but I have been reading about gluten intolerances and inflammatory foods, and I believe I may have either a sensitivity or something to the effect.  I hate to jump on the gluten free train, but I don’t want to substitute with other crap carbs.  I would prefer go whole/real foods in substitution.  Like I said, I will post about it later as it is next to impossible for me to start this lifestyle while living 3 days here and 2 days there and then 2 days over there.  No way, not going to happen until I am settled down.


I look forward to 2014.  2013 kind of sucked, to be honest.

I’m happy once again and apparently it shows on my face.

I’m looking forward and I pray that this year I can begin running again, all the while listening to my body.


Happy New Year!

Unstable Strength (Post Op 4 Months)

Technically I won’t be 4 months post op until this Thursday, but I figured I might as well update.

I feel strong, or at least that I’m getting stronger.  All the exercises I’ve been doing for my PT has really helped my glutes and hips.

I feel unstable.  How can you feel strong, but unstable?  Well I can.  I feel like my pelvis and SI joint pop in and out with too much ease. Only on my left side though (my good side).  My right side actually feels wonderful and I don’t think about it too much.  Every now and then after work or being on my feet, I can feel the swelling begin and sometimes my adductors get tight, but other than that, it was nothing like before.

I think maybe with continuing doing my core stuff will make my SI joint more stable, at least that’s what I’m hoping.

If anyone is curious, this is what I’m doing as far as my exercises go:

– 20 minutes on stationary bike or 15 minutes elliptical
– Foam roller (mainly both adductors and TFL/IT band, sometimes quads)
– Stretches (quads, adductors, hamstring, TFL/IT band)
– Quadruped (
On hands and knees rocking back & forth into child’s pose x 20)
– Hip Triangles 4 lb weights on ankles *leg straight *leg bent 2 sets of 10 (I tried to find a video or picture on the internet, but couldn’t find one.)
– Hip Extension 4 lb weights on ankles 2 sets of 10
– Balance board squats, 2 sets of 10
– Wall squats with exercise ball, 2 sets of 15
– Bridges with exercise ball, 2 sets of 20 (this burns!)
– Planks (various times, how many I feel like.)
– Reverse lunges, 2 sets of 10
– Walking Lunges with medicine ball
– Stool scoots with resistance (At PT only)
– Ball rebounder with foam wobble pad 3 sets of 10 (PT only)

Thrilling isn’t it?

Eventually I think I’ll figure my muscles out.  My pelvis definitely does not feel stable enough to try and start running yet.  I’m not ready and neither are my joints.


Back Among the Living

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, sorry.

I started back to work after being off for 3 months.  I’m not going to lie I was nervous because this job can be very physical at times and I didn’t know how my hip was going to handle it.

I’m only working two days a week for awhile, however they are still 12 hour shifts.  If you’ve never worked 12 hour shifts before, especially as a nurse, you cannot appreciate the energy it saps from you.

My first day back, they had mercy on me and gave me a pretty easy patient.  I did help out with other patients, (lifting, turning) and I was on my feet quite a bit.  I work 7 am to 7pm, so at 4:30pm, I was D-O-N-E.  Physically, mentally, hip-ally.

I usually feel the swelling the next day, so that’s when it’s the most painful and sore.  I just basically try to take it easy, ice, and ibuprofen if it gets too bad.  Unfortunately my doctor said that it could take up to a year before the swelling goes away from being on my feet.  Fortunately he stressed that once I start back to work, I need to listen to my body and cut down on my at home exercises.

I’ve been scheduling an off day between work, but I’m still in PT so I go on those days.  Maybe not a wise decision, because my PT decided to incorporate some crazy lunge and squat routines into my exercise mix.  I can tell it really helps stabilize my hips though.

Everything has just been so crazy with starting work, trying to find a new place, and driving back & forth for 1.5 hour drives.  It’s hard to keep track of the days.  I am actually excited for Christmas this year, it’s always fun to see the little kiddos excitement when opening presents.  They are both at the age to where their personalities really shine.

If I don’t post before then… Have a Merry Christmas!!