1. A2A 5k in Ardmore:
3.1 miles/10:19 pace
This was my first race as a runner. My coworker and I decided to do this and I had serious doubts.  I was only running a mile or two at at time at a very slow pace.  I remember thinking to myself, “3 miles? There is absolutely no way.”

Sweaty? Check. Red face? Check. First 5k finished? Check.
photo: Jodi and I

2. Redbud Classic 2011
3.1 miles/ 11:36 pace
My worst race to date.  I believe it was roughly in the 90’s and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke.  Bad race day.

3. YWCA 2 minute 5k
3.1 miles/10:05 pace
I ran this race with my friend Tarah, and it’s actually my PR for a 5k so far.
Photo: Me and T

4. OKC Memorial Marathon Relay
6.24 miles/10:16 pace
I always feel bad running a marathon relay because I think the full marathoners want to stab me when I run out with my fresh legs.  This was my first 10k race to run, and it was roughly 45 degrees when I finally started. It didn’t start raining hard until I was at mile 2. At that time my shoes were soaking wet and it made me feel like I had 15 lb weights on my feet. A little after mile 2, my right foot went numb, which I didn’t notice that much because most of my extremities were already numb. Somewhere along the way it started hailing tiny little balls, and thunder w/ lightning. I felt honored to cross the finish line with all of the Full Marathon runners who endured 26.2 miles of horrible weather. It was a wonderful experience, and although I’m sure I had a touch of hypothermia, I wouldn’t change a thing.

5. OKC Downtown Dash 10k
6.27 miles/11:15 pace
This was ran in June, so it was hot and humid.  and perhaps I wasn’t in shape enough to do this race. However, I was determined to finish it. It was a 2 lap race, so as the 5k runners went to finish, the 10k runners did another lap… Oh how I wanted to be a 5k runner. I was really contemplating on finishing the 5k, but somehow talked myself into going another 5k. I had to walk in parts after mile 4, as I thought I was going to die. There were more hills than I’m used to, which everyone knows my love of hills. *sarcasm
Honestly, I would rather run in rain and baby hail than run in hot & humidity. Running at 8pm really didn’t change the heat much.  Bad race.

6. Warrior Dash Tulsa
3.6 miles/16:04 pace
Here is a link to my previous blog where I wrote about the experience, if you are interested:  TULSA WARRIOR DASH 2011

7. The “Double” in Tulsa
9.8 miles/11:02 pace
I somehow miscalculated and thought I was only running 9.3 miles. Imagine the despair I felt when I looked at my Garmin & it says 9.3, but no finish line. I quickly find out that I have another 1/2 mile to go. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but when your heart is set on 9.3, that 0.5 miles seems like 2 billion.  This course had A LOT of hills, and I’m not exaggerating. Everyone knows my dislike for hills and considering I don’t train much with hills, I handled them relatively well.

8. Tulsa Route 66 Half Marathon
13.28 miles/ 11:29 pace
This was my first and only half marathon to date. It went a lot better than I expected, especially for not really running for two weeks. I would’ve like to have been faster, but my goal to finish my first half is complete. I didn’t care for the hills, although I never do, and the cold wind wasn’t the greatest either. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I did it. I will definitely train a little better the next time though.
Photo: Me and Stacy

9. White Rock Dallas Marathon Relay
5.2 miles/10:21 pace
Me and three of my friends ran in this. We actually finished 29th out of 300 in the mixed category. Our time was 3:55, and it was a great experience even with the rain. It was pouring and cold, but nothing like the OKC marathon, so I could deal with that. I felt pretty good, and I was the last leg so I got to cross the finish line which is always enjoyable.
The day after this race is when my hip went to hell, and cost me 3 months off of training.
Photo: Tyler, Julie, Tomas, and I


 10. Redbud Classic 2012
3.14 miles/10:07 pace
This was my first race post hip injury.
Sadly I didn’t PR, but I thought it wasn’t too bad considering I had a hip injury the past few months. I had a pretty good pace going until my hip cramped up at 1.5 miles and I had to walk a tad bit. It went away and charged through the rest of the way. I really wanted a sub 10 pace, but that didn’t happen. I’ll take what I can get. It was windy and hot at points, but I felt relatively well. I knocked a 1:32 off my pace from running it last year, so there’s a bright side.
Photo: Brian, Sherrie, and I


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