Here We Go Again

So much going on, so little time.  I’m sorry I’ve been unable to update.


My right hip is fantastic.  I have very little problem with it.  Sometimes my right adductor gets a little tight, but nothing like it was.  I’m not sure if it’s due to my therapies or what, but I’m not going to complain.


My left hip, on the other hand, sucks.  I was worried this would happen.  I’ve been doing MAT for over a month now and I’ve done a couple of Feldenkrais sessions.  Both, I feel, are very beneficial and helpful to me right now, but I no longer think my left hip is compensating.


My left hip almost always hurts.  Last week, a couple of nights while laying down for bed, it hurt so bad that I had to take some leftover surgery pain pills and ibuprofen.  This is a huge thing for me because I hated taking the pain pills even after surgery.  I hate taking ibuprofen, period.  I finally just emailed my surgeon’s PA and asked her what she thought.  I have my 6 month follow up in April (by then technically it will be about 8 months).  She wants me to do X-Rays and a MRA (Magnetic Resonance Arthrogram, they inject dye into the joint and do a MRI) before my appointment so at least I’ll get some answers the day of instead of waiting a week.

The house hunting is on hold for now because of this.  Originally I was going to put off surgery if I needed it until next year, but I seriously cannot take much more of this pain.  I’m SO done with this hip stuff.  My friend Jessica said, “Hey, at least you only have 2 hips.”  That’s the bright side of it, I guess.   I’m praying for it just being compensation, but I really don’t think that’s the case.


Pre-op photo taken from my blog about my right hip.  The left bone structure looks virtually the same.



I’ve made some nutrition changes.  I’ve started doing paleo, although it’s hard since I’m back and forth from house to house.  I’m doing it to help rid my body of inflammation.  I was talking to my MAT guy about it, and turns out he does paleo too.  He said he feels great doing it. (He has had 2 hip labral tear surgeries and he’s a personal trainer, and very fit.)  I trust he knows what he’s talking about too.

First “real” Paleo Meal.  Hamburger w/onions, Sweet potato wedges and Roasted Brussel Sprouts in Coconut Oil. Yum!

I have also started supplementing with Magnesium.  I take “Natural Calm” and so far it seems to help with some muscle tightness.  I was listening to a podcast that even if you eat a healthy diet, that most people (80% or so) are magnesium deficient.  Our soil is so devoid of nutrients that even if you did eat healthy foods, then you still probably aren’t getting what you need.  My sister in law has started taking it too and it has helped her rest better, her muscles are less tight, and I think it’s helped her restless leg at night.


I’ll continue to update as soon as I know more.  Seems like a never ending story.


Back Among the Living

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, sorry.

I started back to work after being off for 3 months.  I’m not going to lie I was nervous because this job can be very physical at times and I didn’t know how my hip was going to handle it.

I’m only working two days a week for awhile, however they are still 12 hour shifts.  If you’ve never worked 12 hour shifts before, especially as a nurse, you cannot appreciate the energy it saps from you.

My first day back, they had mercy on me and gave me a pretty easy patient.  I did help out with other patients, (lifting, turning) and I was on my feet quite a bit.  I work 7 am to 7pm, so at 4:30pm, I was D-O-N-E.  Physically, mentally, hip-ally.

I usually feel the swelling the next day, so that’s when it’s the most painful and sore.  I just basically try to take it easy, ice, and ibuprofen if it gets too bad.  Unfortunately my doctor said that it could take up to a year before the swelling goes away from being on my feet.  Fortunately he stressed that once I start back to work, I need to listen to my body and cut down on my at home exercises.

I’ve been scheduling an off day between work, but I’m still in PT so I go on those days.  Maybe not a wise decision, because my PT decided to incorporate some crazy lunge and squat routines into my exercise mix.  I can tell it really helps stabilize my hips though.

Everything has just been so crazy with starting work, trying to find a new place, and driving back & forth for 1.5 hour drives.  It’s hard to keep track of the days.  I am actually excited for Christmas this year, it’s always fun to see the little kiddos excitement when opening presents.  They are both at the age to where their personalities really shine.

If I don’t post before then… Have a Merry Christmas!!